WUM Public Alpha

Watch your music online!

With WUM, you can:

- Become a VJ in 42 seconds!
- Visualize any soundtrack using selected Vizi a from the set.
- Add any mp3 audio from web by changing the url.
- Remove audio from playlist.
- Link directly to any visualization, music or their combination.
- Toggle Fullscreen mode on/off.

- Auto-save the Playlist.
- Auto-hide UI controls in fullscreen mode.
- Auto-resize visualizations to fit any screen dimension.

Start VJ-ing – try these combinations first:

Lilium & Meduzz
Lilium & Meduzz

Tunnel02 & Problem 7
Tunnel02 & Problem 7

Flow & Walking in the Sun
Flow & Walking in the Sun

you can use mp3 files from other servers, like free tracks from last.fm:

Rorschach test & Jungle Trap
Rorschach test & Jungle Trap

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4 Responses to WUM Public Alpha

  1. shaman4d says:

    о! превелико тебя поздравляю – наконец в паблик бету вывела.

  2. shaman4d says:

    Прикрути плиз колесо мыши к скролингу визуализаторов :)

  3. focus says:

    Молодец, поздравляю с паблик билдом!)

  4. makc says:


    - запилить кнопку добавить мп3
    - запилить кнопку добавить мп3 с диска
    - запилить бегунок громкости

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